Multiple workspaces

Separate your emails into different workspaces for better organization.

You can divide your work into multiple workspaces. For example, you can organize by brand, client, geographical region, or anything else that makes sense for your company.

Each workspace is a completely separate set of files and emails from the others.

Note: Snippets are shared on the account level, so you can use them in any workspace.

Create a workspace

To create a workspace, open the workspace menu at the top of the sidebar and select Create workspace. In the form, enter a name for the new workspace and press the button to submit. In a moment, you will be redirected to the workspace page to start creating emails in the new workspace!

Screen recording showing how to create a workspace

Switch workspaces

You can see your current workspace in the upper left corner. Click this workspace menu to switch between different workspaces. The page will reload and you will now be in the new workspace.

Screen recording showing how to switch workspaces

Delete a workspace

To delete a workspace, open the workspace menu and select Edit workspace.

Then, click the Delete workspace button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Note: this can not be undone.

Screen recording showing how to delete a workspace