Parcel is the streamlined workflow for email development. Code, optimize, and share all from a single platform.


For anyone testing and prototyping.

$0per user
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  • 5 emails
  • Code editor
  • Transformers
  • Unlimited test sends
  • Live preview


For professionals building production emails.

$12per user
per month
  • Unlimited emails
  • Code editor
  • Transformers
  • Unlimited test sends
  • Live preview
  • Asset uploading
  • Snippets
  • Preview screenshots
  • Email groups
  • And more...
Headshot of Kitt Mattison

Parcel encompasses all my favorite features from Dreamweaver, VS Code, and Chrome DevTools in one online editor.

Kitt Mattison, Email Marketing Coordinator

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Folder organization

Create folders and subfolders to organize all your emails and assets.

Syntax highlighting

HTML and CSS code is highlighted when inside of MSO conditional comments.

AMP support

Build and test AMP versions of your emails along side the HTML and text versions.

Multiple workspaces

Compartmentalize work into different workspaces to stay organized.


Generate Text from HTML

Generate the text part of an email from the HTML with one click.

Generate AMP from HTML

Generate the AMP part of an email from the HTML with one click.



High-speed HTML and CSS text expander.


The number of emails you can create.


Unlimited test sends

Send live versions of your email to your inbox.

5 recipients10 recipients

Email groups

Organize email addresses into groups for faster sending.


Asset uploading

Upload your images for easy use in development.



Quickly insert reusable code.



Live preview

See changes to your emails as you make them.

Multiple previews

See how your email looks at multiple common device screen sizes simultaneously.


Pop out preview

Split the Preview to a second window so you can work on two screens at once.


Impairment emulation

Simulate visual impairments to ensure your emails are accessible.

Image blocking

See how your email looks if the images don't load.

Capture screenshots

Turn emails into screenshots, with just one click.


Developer Tools

Inspect element

Click on any element in the preview to jump to that exact spot in the code.

Focus mode

Keeps the code you are editing visible in the preview.

Expanded table view

Highlights table borders to help identify table based layout issues.

Can I Email data

See how well supported HTML/CSS elements are

HTML problem checker

Checks code for errors and warnings.


Link validation

Verify links work and go to the right page.


Image validation

Check that all your images are loading, secure, and optimized.



Check how likely an email is to be caught in spam



CSS inlining

Automatically inlines your CSS.


Makes your exported code human-readable.


Shrinks your code size and helps prevent clipping in Gmail.

Auto Encode HTML Entities

Replace special characters with corresponding HTML entities.

URL Parameters

Auto add URL parameters to links.

Remove unused CSS

Removes unused CSS from production code.

Shorten CSS selectors

Rewrites id and class values to be as short as possible


Public share links

Make emails public so anyone can view them.


Invite your teammates to easily share, collaborate, and review emails.