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Headshot of Jay Oram

Switching from Dreamweaver I found a lot of common features we had been looking for, plus a whole lot more specific to email development.Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at a code editor made for email!

Jay OramEmail Coder & Interactive Email Specialist at Action Rocket
  • Code from anywhere

    You just need a web browser – that’s it.

  • MSO syntax highlighting

    With full syntax highlighting support, easily read HTML inside of MSO comments.

  • HTML, Text, and AMP

    Create your HTML, Text, and AMP versions right next to each other.

  • Asset uploading

    Upload images right next to your code for easy use.

Screenshot of the code editor featuring MSO syntax highlighting
  • Live preview

    See changes to your emails as you make them – no refresh required.

  • Select element

    Click on any element in the preview to jump to that exact spot in the code.

  • Focus mode

    Never leave the keyboard as the element you are editing is highlighted and scrolled into view.

  • Impairment emulation

    Simulate visual impairments to ensure your emails are accessible to all of your subscribers.

Screenshot of the code editor and preview connecting the cursor and highlighted element demoing focus mode.
Transform your code
  • CSS inlining

    Automatically inline your CSS with a single click and avoid the headache of manually inlining styles.

  • Prettify

    Prettify your code to export your HTML ready to be read by humans.

  • Minify

    Minify your HTML to reduce the chance Gmail clips your message and have your message load faster.

Send Tests

Send unlimited test emails to yourself and up to 9 of your teammates with just two clicks.

Screenshot of the code, send test form, and sent email in the Gmail mobile app.
  • Invite your team

    Skip the FTP server and git. Add your team members to easily store all your emails in a central, cloud-based location.

  • Public share links

    Share an email to quickly get feedback, ask for help from fellow #emailgeeks, or demonstrate a new technique.

Loved by Email Geeks

    The more I dive into @useparcel the more I realize it’s going to change the way I code because it’s so damn clever.
    And that’s a good thing.

    Megan Boshuyzen@megbosh

    Very cool new online code editor specifically built for email. By the brilliant @theavigoldman Loads of great tools built in to it. Well worth checking out #EmailGeeks

    Mark Robbins@M_J_Robbins

    @useparcel has an HTML formatter that actually works. Hallelujah 🙌🏾

    Niven Ranchhod@NivenRanchhod

    I didn’t realize how much I needed Parcel in my life until I experienced it. Hands down Parcel is the code editor for email developers.

    Amanda Luu@sonoracreative

    I’m usually in the camp of "in browser email code editors are weird", but I find myself loving Parcel. MSO syntax highlighting, direct test sending with thread prevention, link sharing… Kudos to @theavigoldman for making such a great tool.

    Rémi Parmentier@HTeuMeuLeu

    Hey. If you code emails ever, you need to check out Parcel by @theavigoldman. It’s the best things sinced sliced email.


    I gave Parcel a spin and there’s a lot to ❤️ for email coders

    Ted Goas@TedGoas

    Highly recommended.

    Sean Munley@SeanMun

    I recently stumbled upon Parcel editor and I was blown away by the UX and quality. It is free to use and the email editing experience is seamless.

    Aslam Shah@hunzaboy
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